Excellence in Polished Concrete – CRC Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding

CRC Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding was founded by Frank Speranza 30 years ago. A coming together of working as a passionate concreter, learning the art of master concrete finishing from Italian uncles and cousins and a passion to transform concrete into a beautiful and durable surface.

From the humble beginnings, spurred by a single customers request Frank’s deep dive into polished concrete wasn’t easy and every job seemed like it was a challenge. No training was available in this new and exciting industry which made it hard, but every job was a learning curve.  Trying different techniques and machinery slowly jobs became easier to complete and end results started looking amazing.

CRC has now blossomed into an industry leader known for unparalleled excellence, professionalism and reliability that now boasts over 500 successful projects. With decades of experience and state of the art equipment together with thousands of hours of testing and research CRC is committed to delivering high quality polished concrete services.

Frank is the owner and operator of CRC Polished Concrete and customers can expect to deal with Frank every step of the way from initial consultation right through to completing the work.

Serving both commercial and residential customers across Mornington Peninsula, Bayside suburbs, and Melbourne, 

Welcome to brilliance beneath your feet.

Our Core Values


We strive for superior quality in our polished concrete and grinding services, always delivering outstanding results.


We prioritize our customers, constantly listening, understanding, and catering to their unique requirements.


We adhere to the highest standards of conduct, delivering our services with integrity and respect.


Customers can trust us to deliver consistent, timely, and efficient services, keeping their needs at the forefront.

Vision Statement

Leading the Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne in sustainable, innovative polished concrete and grinding solutions

Mission statement

Delivering excellence in polished concrete and grinding with integrity, commitment, and local expertise.

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