Polished Concrete Floors Sorrento

Polished Concrete Floors Sorrento

mornington peninsulaPolished concrete is a smart choice for homes and offices as well as commercial and retail facilities in Sorrento.

Grinding and polishing can renew a worn out existing concrete floor, or turn a new concrete floor into a beautiful interior design element.

Polished concrete is always easy to clean and low maintenance, and of course its durable as well. Smart customers now that concrete polishing is a good choice for their budgets and for the environment, and that it can meet almost any design requirement. When concrete is polished it is strong enough to withstand wear and tear including vehicle traffic, yet it can be spectacularly beautiful.

Types of Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete always contains aggregate as part of the mix structure. If you are having a new concrete slab poured or if you a planning to add a concrete topping to your existing floor, then you can pre choose the type of aggregate colour and size. If you have an existing concrete floor, then it will have the aggregate already embedded. Our concrete polishing and grinding process can expose the aggregate or leave it hidden.

We offer the following finishes:

  • exposed aggregate
  • no exposed aggregate
  • slightly exposed aggregate
  • high polished concrete
  • non slip finish

For polished concrete flooring in Sorrento, please contact Frank on 0417 338 506 for a no-obligation quotation.