Polished Concrete Overlays

thumbs_Micro-Terrazzo-OverlayPolished Concrete Overlays

Polished Concrete overlays cover the existing floor and can be between 2-15 mm thick. Concrete Resurfacing with a Polished Concrete Overlay can transform an old worn out concrete floor into a stunning individual designed floor. Colour can be added or even a mixture of colour can be used. Aggregate can also be added to give a polished concrete terrazzo floor appearance.

Polished Concrete Overlays have similar if not higher strength of concrete as they are modified cement based products. If left natural grey they resemble a perfectly placed concrete floor. Polished Concrete Overlays can be placed over any sound floor, concrete, timber, tiles or cement sheeting. Any coating system or mechanical polished system can then be used or applied on top of the overlay to enhance and protect.


At CRC we are factory trained and accredited Ardex PANDOMO installers. PANDOMO by Ardex is a modern system for surface design that keeps all architectural possibilities open. No Matter if it’s PANDOMO Floor , PANDOMO Loft or PANDOMO Wall what counts is your idea. All PANDOMO systems offer you all the design possibilities you could ever need: be it classical, exclusive or individualised in accordance with your own ideas.

PANDOMO FLOOR    –    Decorative Floor Finish

Description :  Self levelling and used to create a lightly polished concrete without exposed aggregate look, Pandomo Floor can be tinted to a variety of colours to express an individual design. In -situ and natural looking, residential and light traffic commercial floors are transformed into smooth fine grain structures to create a tasteful high class result.

PANDOMO LOFT    –    Decorative Floor Finish

Description :  Similar to a burnished concrete look, the Loft finish provides a textured surface finish whilst whilst remaining smooth under foot. The expressive trowel marks, create an individual texture which is perfect for individual design concepts. Being a thin, trowel on finish suits all situations, whether it be low traffic residential through to heavy foot traffic commercial.

PANDOMO WALL    –    Decorative Wall Finish

Description :  Using colour and texture, Pandomo Wall is a finish which brings style and robustness to a variety of substrates. Whether it be a Venetian Plaster or an off form concrete finish this is easily achieved.

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