Polished Concrete Overlays and Micro-Toppings by CRC Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding

We are proud to bring our high-quality Polished Concrete Overlays services to our customers. At CRC Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding, we specialise in transforming worn-out concrete floors into stunning, uniquely designed surfaces. With many years of experience with polished concrete overlays serving the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside suburbs and the wider Melbourne area, we have mastered delivering this superior finish to our customers. 

What are Polished Concrete Overlays?

Polished Concrete Overlays are modified cement-based products that cover the existing floor. These overlays, which can range from 2-15 mm in thickness, exhibit similar, if not higher, strength than regular concrete. They can be customised to preferred colours or mixed to create a diverse palette. Alternatively, if left in their natural grey state, they resemble a perfectly placed concrete floor ready for polishing. Stone can be added to simulate a polished concrete terrazzo floor appearance.

Polished Concrete Overlays can be sealed and protected with a high-quality concrete sealer or in some cases mechanically polished, ensuring a durable and stunning finish.

Boost Your Surface with Micro Toppings and Micro Cement

Like their name suggests, Micro Toppings and Micro Cement can be applied as a thin coating to both floors and walls. This polymer modified cement product works seamlessly on different substrates, including cement sheeting, plasterboard, or MDF boards.

The beauty of Micro Toppings lies in their flexibility. Not only can they be applied thinly, but they also come in a variety of colours.  Can be applied to resemble a burnished look concrete floor or wall and sealed in a variety of sheen levels. 

The Benefits of Our Services

Choosing Polished Concrete Overlays and Micro Toppings offers numerous benefits. Not only can these options be applied to any sound floor, but their capacity to be customised to any colour makes them a distinctive choice for any home or business.

Moreover, the seamless finish of the Micro Toppings adds an aesthetic touch that is as visually charming as it is smooth. Add in the assurance of a stain-resistant surface when sealed, and it’s clear to see why so many are opting for Polished Concrete Overlays and Micro Toppings.

Yet, perhaps the most significant advantage of choosing CRC Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding, aside from a fantastic floor, is our wealth of experience. Over our many years of service in the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside suburbs, Melbourne, we have continually demonstrated our commitment to delivering premium quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


Transform your floors and walls into distinct, beautiful surfaces with Polished Concrete Overlays and Micro Toppings by CRC Polished Concrete and Concrete Grinding. Contact us today to find out more about these services and to discuss how we can make your vision come to life.

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