Polished Concrete v’s Grind & Seal

Understanding the Mechanically Polished Concrete Process

Mechanically Polished Concrete is an intricate craft that comprises of 10-15 steps and requires attention to detail at every step. The hallmark of a quality mechanically polished concrete floor lies in the adoption of a methodical process.

Initial concrete grinding usually commences with 20–30 grit metal bond diamond abrasive segments to achieve the desired stone exposure level for the project. This vital phase sets the foundation for the entire procedure.

As we move forward in the process, the diamond grit size doubles post the successful completion of the first grind, typically transitioning from 20 or 30 grit diamond abrasives to 50/60 grit and then to 120 grit metal bond diamond abrasives. The floor is simultaneously grouted with a special grouting compound ahead of the machine to fill any pin holes or voids.

Throughout the process a combination of liquid densifiers is used, particularly sodium, potassium and lithium which penetrate deep into the matrix surface layer of the concrete creating a hardened, durable floor ready for polishing.

The serial progression of the process ushers in the usage of 50 grit diamond abrasive resin pad in lieu of a metal segment for beginning the concrete polishing. This phase is primarily characterised by the utilisation of resin pads which are employed in steps of 50 grit, 100 grit, 200 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit, 1500 grit and if a superior glossy finish is desired, 3000 grit is used.

A high quality fully penetrating sealer is then applied twice utilizing the flood coat method for stain resistance. A final buff completes the process and creates the deluxe finish of a mechanically polished concrete floor.

A Faster, Affordable Alternative: Grind and Seal Polished Concrete Process

For clients aiming for a quicker and more affordable option, the Grind and Seal Polished Concrete system offers an impressive solution.

Here, the concrete-surface slurry is removed via concrete grinding to reveal the charming stone texture. Once the desired grind level is achieved, a finer diamond abrasive process re-grinds the surface to erase any visible scratches from prior steps. The surface is prepared meticulously and cleaned ready for the application of the surface coating.

A high-quality transparent coating is then applied usually with two coats which can be matte – high gloss. The protective coating not only adds a layer of extra stain protection but also enhances the floor’s visual appeal to retain its charm for years to come.

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