Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Flooring

The technology for polished concrete and sealing concrete floors has been evolving for decades now, and you’ll be impressed with the options that are available today. The latest technology puts endless number of choices for style, colour and texture at your fingertips.

Frank, the director of CRC, has over twenty five years of experience working with concrete floors, both new and existing. He is up to date on all the latest techniques and technologies.

Be a Smart Customer

Polished concrete is a smart choice for homes and offices as well as commercial and retail facilities. Grinding and polishing can renew a worn out existing concrete floor, or turn a new concrete floor into a beautiful interior design element. Polished concrete is always easy to clean and low maintenance, and of course its durable as well. Smart customers now that concrete polishing is a good choice for their budgets and for the environment, and that it can meet almost any design requirement. When concrete is polished it is strong enough to withstand wear and tear including vehicle traffic, yet it can be spectacularly beautiful.

Know the Benefits

Anyone who is looking for a strong hard durable floor surface would be wise to consider polished concrete. Because polishing a concrete floor makes a practical structural material double as a finished material, it’s a naturally frugal and environmentally sound choice. Better still, there is no need for carpeting, tile or timber flooring to go over the concrete slab. There is no need for adhesives or coatings that may be unhealthy or environmentally harmful. There’s no need to regularly replace the worn out floor coverings. A polished concrete floor is healthy, sustainable and long lasting.

Talk to the Experts

CRC specialises in concrete design and polishing. The director, Frank has decades of experience in the field. We use the best available machinery and techniques. So we can offer you an affordable, dependable and expert service.

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