Concrete Finishes

Polished Concrete Floor Finishes

finishesConcrete always contains aggregate as part of the mix structure. If you are having a new concrete slab poured or if you a planning to add a concrete  topping to your existing floor, then you can pre choose the type of aggregate colour and size. If you have an existing concrete floor, then it will have the aggregate already embedded. Our concrete polishing and grinding process can expose the aggregate or even leave it hidden, its the clients choice.

– exposed aggregate

In most cases by removing the 3-5 mm of slurry on the top of the concrete will fully expose the aggregate and produce and organic specked look.

– no exposed aggregate

For clients who prefer a plain. consistent surface for their concrete floor, we use a finer grinding process to keep the smooth surface of the concrete visible.

– Sightly exposed aggregate

If clients want to expose a bit of aggregate but not have it dominate the appearance of the floor, then we can grind the concrete just far enough to expose the tips of the aggregate.

– High Mechanically Polished Concrete

High mechanically polished concrete has a clean, slick, modern look. We use a process of applying a concrete hardener/densifier, grouting and polishing with finer and finer diamond segments and polishing pads to achieve this striking effect without the need to apply a topical coating that in time can scuff and wear. The finished floor is then protected from accidental spills and staining with the use of quality penetrating sealers.

Non Slip Finishes

If your concrete is sloped or is subject to wet conditions you mat want to consider a non slip option that we have in our range of finishes.