Diverse Polished Concrete Finishes by CRC Concrete Polishing

Introduction to Polished Concrete Finishes

Embrace the resilience and aesthetic diversity offered by CRC Concrete Polishing, where we transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary surfaces. Concrete, inherently robust and enduring, holds within its matrix the beauty of natural stone, waiting to be revealed or concealed to meet your stylistic preferences. Whether you’re installing a new slab, enhancing an existing floor, or adding a concrete topping, the choice of stone type, color, and size is at your fingertips.

Our Customisable Concrete Polishing and Grinding Techniques

Our expertise lies in manipulating the concrete’s surface to either unveil the embedded stone or retain a solid, uniform appearance. Here’s a closer look at the finishes we offer:

Full Stone Exposure Polished Concrete

Achieved by grinding away the top 3-5 mm of the concrete, this method reveals the rich, full tapestry of stone beneath the surface, offering a vibrant, textured appearance.

Random Stone Exposure Polished Concrete

We delicately remove 1-3 mm of concrete using specialised techniques and tools, unveiling an arbitrary, naturally artistic exposure of the underlying stone.

Slight Stone Exposure Polished Concrete (Salt and Pepper Finish)

Prefer a subtler hint of texture? We skillfully graze the concrete surface to expose just the tips of the stones, creating an understated elegance reminiscent of salt and pepper.

Nil Stone Exposure Polished Concrete

For a sleek, contemporary vibe, we opt for finer grinding processes, preserving the concrete’s consistency and offering a smooth, homogeneous surface free from stone exposure.

Mechanically Polished Concrete

Celebrate the innate strength and sheen of concrete with this premium finish method. By mechanically grinding and polishing, then treating the surface with a hardener/densifier, we produce a stunning, resilient finish devoid of superficial film forming coatings. This low-maintenance, high-appeal surface is safeguarded against spills and stains with premium impregnating sealers.

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

 An economical yet impressive option, this system involves grinding and honing followed by the application of a high-quality, non-yellowing coating. Available in various sheen levels, it promises a captivating, long-lasting, and durable surface.

Non-Slip Finishes for Enhanced Safety

For areas prone to moisture or requiring additional grip, we propose:

Pavilion Finish

Rapidly gaining popularity, this acid-etched, non-slip finish provides a textured, yet comfortable underfoot experience. Its distinctive appearance, especially when paired with colored decorative concrete, adds a dramatic touch to outdoor settings.

Honed and Sealed Concrete

CRC takes safety seriously, especially in wet, exterior conditions. We’ve mastered the art of creating non-slip surfaces that don’t compromise on the smooth, tactile allure of polished concrete.

At CRC Concrete Polishing, we cater to a spectrum of tastes, requirements, and budgets. From the degree of stone exposure to the choice of finish and sheen, our polished concrete solutions are as diverse as they are durable. Embrace a flooring experience that marries functionality with artistry, curated specifically for you.

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